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Our Sunday football school is from 12-13.30 and will be at Whitefield School in Brent Cross. The class is for kids from the age of 6-12. The class acts as a filter for the young players coming through from the ages of 3 to 13. The players will be learning about defensive importance as an individual and as a team, keeping possession and how to regain possession, attacking how to turn possession into a counter attack. With a balance of improving the players technical ability and matches through a specific and detailed curriculum we have had a great deal of progress with all the players.

We have a strict iron hand attitude to bullying and we have no plans to change this. All players are made aware they have a duty of respect, discipline and kindness to themselves as well as all other participants. If we feel someone has been a bully, they will find themselves out the door! No excuses, we intend to make it enjoyable to all the kids, bullying of any sort will not be tolerated under any circumstances!!

Evidently we accept as they are kids we will get all kinds at camp, our experience so far has been that 99% just want to play football and enjoy themselves. If a child is persistently messing around we will speak to the parent/carer and put him on a verbal warning. Should this continue? We will contact the parent/carer via e-mail explaining our reason for putting him on a written warning. If he fails to take on board the advice and continues messing around, we will have no choice but to remove him from the camp and ask them not to come back.

Futsal is game founded in Brazil and it involves using a slightly heavier ball, smaller game, time limits in order to speed up the play and get a lot of touches on the ball as well as using the sole of their foot to give them greater control. We find players love this, especially players who haven’t played before.

We run two classes, our senior class, which is for year 11, 12 and 13 year olds. This class starts at 9.10am and runs for an hour and a half till 10.40am.
Our second class is for 8-9 year olds and runs from 10.45 to 12.15 again for an hour and a half.
For two terms we are indoors are Whitefield School.
For the third term we are at Lyttleton playing Field on grass.

We work with our kids on their technique from a young age, so there is a lot of dribbling, fun games and shooting.

Our introduction to football is for 3-5 year old’s and runs for 3 terms starting in September and ending in June, each term runs between 10-12 weeks.
The sessions last for 1 hours. We have two classes, one which starts at 9-10am and a second which starts at 10am-11am. The first two terms are held at UCS active’s indoor Hall whilst the third term is held at Whitefield School.

We have a plan of action in case emergencies occur, we will contact you immediately should an emergency occur.

Phone number is always our first choice, then home number and even e-mail if we can’t get in contact with you

We need parents/carers to fill out contact information when signing up, this is for our records only and we will only use your contact details if we need to contact you.
Your private information is stored and secured and will not be given to any third party companies without your consent.

We would prefer for the kids to turn up between 5-10 minutes early so we can start on at 10am on the dot to maximise our coaching time.

The kids need to bring packed lunched with them, please make sure this is nut’s free. With different weather conditions, the players need to bring weather appropriate clothing such as rain jackets or sun cream depending on when the camp is? Facility appropriate footwear, on grass they will need to bring studs for better grip, on Astro-turf they need to bring trainers or Astro-turf footwear. If unsure please contact the camp director.

This is dependent on how bad the rain is? If its light rain and the kids want to carry on, that’s what will happen. If we judge that the weather is very bad, we will always have shelter for the kids, most sessions will have an indoor area, depending on what time of the year the camp is. If unsure please contact the camp director, who will be able to help you and give you more details.

We have a sign up page, you need to sign up your child for the days you want him to attend, once we receive this, we will send you confirmation of his attendance. Please be aware that if your child can’t attend, no refund will be given unless there is a doctors note.