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Lorenc Dedja, founder and head coach of London United Football School has been coaching for over 6 years. As a qualified FA coach (UEFA B), Lorenc works with the kids to improve their football skills through passion, inspirational coaching and encouragement. He is the first stepping-stone on the core coaching pathway of football and his proven coaching methods have helped children of all ages and abilities to excel in this world-renown sport.

At London United Football School, Lorenc constructs appropriate practices and sessions for the players. His series of practical coaching ideas and methods provides your child the ability to recognise the various ingredients that make up safe, fun and engaging practices to help them develop their football skills. In return, your child will then have the ability to try out for their chosen club with higher success rate of being chosen for the team, as well as enjoy the sport to their highest ability with confidence.

Why choose LUFS?

London United Football School was created to give children in NW3 and the surrounding North West London areas an opportunity to play football under the guidance of professional, passionate football coaches.

Our aim has always been to provide a service which exceeds than other local football classes and camps at a more competitive price. We aim to employ the best coaches on the market, pay them an honest rate and let them impart their knowledge to the kids.

London United Football School is about more than just football – we aim to teach kids important life and social skills including leadership and teamwork, problem solving, concentration and discipline.

Our philosophy is quite simple but we feel is effective! With the success we have seen the kids make, we believe we are making great strides of progress. By providing sessions which demand a high intensity, realism, relevance and repetition the kids are getting quality coaching which makes the transition from training into matches a much smoother one. In match-play the children have a great opportunity to implement what they have learned, to think for themselves and work out problems in teams.

From a young age, we work with the kids on their technique as we feel this is the fundamental skill in football. Without the right technique the whole structure of progress falls apart. As the kids get older, we work a lot on their game sense and being in stressful scenarios in matches.

The proof of success is always the progression of our kids. We are very proud of the players and coaches alike.

We promise to put every bit of energy we have into making sure that the children are challenged to learn, practice their technique, and have the opportunity to implement what they have learnt in match scenarios, whilst being in a safe and fun environment.

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Meet Our Team

Valentine Mbewe
Valentine MbeweUEFA B Qualified Coach
Valentine is a UEFA B qualified coach. Valentine has a long list of success, he has worked at academies before as well as working abroad. Valentine has won a number of titles in the harrow league as well as winning the U18 county cup in Bedfordshire.
Fabio Mazzone
Fabio MazzoneCoach at QPR Academy
Fabio played professionally in the lower league of Italian football, as is the tradition, he was a midfield with vision who loved a tackle. Fabio us currently working at QPR academy and is very highly rated. Fabio’s biggest strength is his knowledge, experience and innovation of new ideas.
Joe Menear
Joe MenearLUFS Coach
Joe was one of the first coaches at the club. Joe is an ex UCS boys. He helped build the “introduction to football” programme with his energy, enthusiasm and passion. Joe often coaches on half terms as he is busy studying towards his degree. Joe is often treated like a returning hero due to his bond with the kids of all things north London and his much loved Arsenal.
Regan Kugathas
Regan KugathasLUFS Coach
Reagan started coaches for the club at the tender age of 16 but with time has become a fantastic coach, with energy, detail, passion and discipline. He has now started to coach the older groups due to his knowledge and innovative session plans.
Tom Walsh
Tom WalshLUFS Coach
Tom is the genius amongst all the coaches, A* student cutting his teeth at the notorious Highgate school, Tom makes time to coach kids on weekends and he does a fantastic job of it too.
Ted Monroe
Ted MonroeLUFS Coach
Ted might be 18 but in his head he’s still 8 and that’s probably why the kids love him so much. Always with an excuse and bad fashion sense and an “economical” haircut but always ready to be the silliest kid in the group and make everyone laugh. Everyone loves Ted!

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