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What training gear is needed?2018-04-09T19:18:35+01:00

The gear needed is dependent on the facility. The smaller kids are usually inside and trainers, shorts and tops are the usual the standard requirements. The older children who are on grass would normally need studs and warmer clothing, depending on the weather. Shin pads can also be worn if needed, although it is not necessary.

Can parents watch the coaching?2018-04-09T19:16:15+01:00

Yes. We encourage parents to play an active role in their child’s football coaching. The parents are more than welcome to watch and often they do watch. We do ask that parents not get involved from the sidelines or start shouting across to their children or coaches.

Do you give out certificates or awards?2018-04-09T19:13:55+01:00

We give out medals and chocolate players who have shown hard work during the courses.

How long do the courses run?2018-04-09T17:27:22+01:00

The courses run between 10 to 12 weeks and start on specific dates. If you would like your child to join after the start date, please contact us. We always try to accommodate.

What are the fees?2018-04-09T17:29:03+01:00

The course prices are dependent on the age and length of the course. We are always clear about our costs before a booking is made.

Do you coach boys and girls?2018-04-09T17:30:25+01:00

Yes. The football school is open to both boys and girls from ages 3-13.

Are the coaches FA Qualified?2018-04-09T19:08:13+01:00

Yes. All our coaches are FA qualified and have been DBS checked.(Disclosure and Barring Service). Previously known as CRB.

Are the coaches CRB checked?2018-04-09T17:33:43+01:00

Yes. All our coaches are FA qualified and CRB Checked. The coaches have their DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). CRB is what it was previously known as.

How old do you have to be to start training?2018-04-09T19:20:16+01:00

We run courses and events for children from the age 3-13.